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“The Gym is one of our favorite stores to support in West Michigan. Excellent customer service and amazing, high-quality products . We just love The Gym!”

– Lori

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Weight Training and Sports Nutrition

Old school training meets modern nutrition at The Gym in Rockford, a premier weight training facility and sports supplement store. If you hate fancy, overpriced facilities, waiting in line for machines — and you desire to be surrounded by serious lifters — The Gym wants you!

Lighthouse Nutrition owner and 2007 Ms. Michigan bodybuilder Michelle Homrich recently transitioned her popular local nutritional supplement store to a training facility. Her goal: to help locals train better, eat better and maximize their efforts, no matter what their goals may be for health and fitness.

With a variety of free weights and machines, The Gym successfully combines old school training with the latest nutritional science in sports performance and supplementation — all in one location.

Monthly gym memberships start at only $35 with no contracts!

Homrich and her staff offer a wealth of experience in weight training, strength training, bodybuilding, sports nutrition and overall health and fitness — allowing members to streamline their efforts but doing what works.

Individual memberships are only $35 per month — with no contract — and personal training packages are available based on availability. Currently, The Gym hours are 5 am – 9 pm, 7 days per week.

For more information about weight training and sports nutrition from the experts at The Gym, call us directly at 616.216.2501.