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The Gym provides healthy and safe dietary supplements for optimal nutrient intake. Located in Rockford, Michigan, with over 5,000 supplements in stock, we help you receive the products and services you need to remain healthy.

Our store offers several products to improve your well-being. No matter your personal health remedy, we have a product for you. Our affordable products include nutrient supplements, vitamins, CBD hemp oil, CBD edibles, CBD drinks, CBD lotions, CBD vape, sports nutrition products, health food products, essential oils and probiotics. Each of our products provides a different health benefit.

At The Gym, health is our first priority. Not only do we offer healthy dietary supplements and other products that replenish your body’s nutrients, but we also provide services to improve your health further. Take your health to the next level with our workout training, yoga, medical massage therapy and nutritional consultation services.

Give your body the nutrients it deserves before and after working out to keep your health at an all time high. The Gym prioritizes your health while providing a variety of products and services to improve your well-being.

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