Whether you’re training for a sport or simply trying to get a workout in, it’s important to fuel with the proper nutrients. The Gym offers several options for superior sports nutrition.

Our products provide you with the proper nutrients needed to perform to your best ability. Physical activity causes dehydration, depletes electrolytes, and other minerals important to remain healthy. Sports nutrition products replenish these nutrients, encourage healthy muscle growth and improve performance.

The Gym offers different products for optimal sports nutrition:

  • Pre-workout powder: consumed before physical activity as it boosts energy levels, helps you focus during workouts, delays the onset of muscle soreness and reduces fatigue.
  • Protein powder and protein bars: help build muscle and repair tissue. Best used immediately after physical activity.
  • Recovery powder: replenishes carbohydrates, electrolytes, fluids and protein lost during physical activity.

Each of our sports nutrition products provides different benefits.

For more information on our nutritional supplement store from the experts at The Gym, please contact us here or call us directly at 616.216.2501.