Cannabidiol, more commonly known as CBD, promotes stress and anxiety relief among other things. CBD is becoming a mainstream substitute for harmful prescriptions and an option for those who prefer natural treatments. Lighthouse Nutrition offers a variety of CBD products.

CBD is a natural compound of the the cannabinoid class found in the hemp plant. Hemplucid is a natural plant product. It contains no artificial colors or flavoring so taste may vary. Hemplucid uses certified organic farms and extractors to grow and extract ingredients. Our plants originate in Colorado due to their higher quality control and experienced growers.

Lighthouse Nutrition CBD products have no THC, reducing any legal issues of having THC in your body. CBD provides relief for sleeplessness, pain, stress, anxiety and more. Lighthouse Nutrition provides premium-grade, organic Hemp, CBD products that are highly potent for maximum health benefits.

Residents of the state of Michigan no longer require a medical marijuana card to purchase CBD products.

Enjoy the benefits of CBD –– mood enhancement, pain relief, stress reduction, promotion of natural sleep, reduced inflammation and calmness.

For more information on our cannabidiol (CBD) from the experts at Lighthouse Nutrition, please contact us here or call us directly at 616.216.2501.