Wondering why you’re seeing CBD everywhere lately? Do you know at least one friend or family member who currently takes it? CBD’s wide availability, positive side effects and all-natural properties have caused an unprecedented spike in the drug’s popularity.

CBD stands for cannabidiol, extracted from the cannabis plant.THC stands for tetrahydrocannabinol, the main psychoactive component in cannabis, and also originates from the cannabis plant. Marijuana contains both CBD and THC. However, CBD isolated cannabis causes calmness, mood enhancement and pain relief — without the euphoric high or negative side effects caused by full strength cannabis.

Legal in all 50 states, CBD-infused products include drinks, edibles, lotions, hemp oil, vape oil and gummies. These products help alleviate pain, inflammation, anxiety and other chronic conditions.

CBD continues to gain popularity for many reasons, including:

  • Mainstreaming of natural wellness therapies: CBD is an all-natural derivative of the cannabis plant. Consumers show an increased demand for non-toxic, plant-based therapies as alternatives to prescription drugs and traditional medicine. Sales of natural wellness products including CBD, essential oils, natural lotions and probiotics continue to rise as society shifts towards more natural health solutions.
  • Legalization of marijuana: The number of states legalizing medical and recreational marijuana continues to expand. Increased legalization helps reduce the stigma towards marijuana and other cannabis products, including CBD.
  • Rising anxiety epidemic: More people talk about anxiety and self-diagnose anxiety than ever before. As a result, they seek cures for anxiety. CBD claims to cure anxiety and produce clear-headed calmness with all-natural, harmless products. The majority of reviews about CBD remain positive — claiming it alleviates anxiety, without noticeable side effects.

CBD’s recent popularity results from an intersection of several cultural trends. A plant-based, non-toxic calmness solution, CBD products offer trendy and effective self-care that won’t have you reaching for that bag of chips.

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